Tales of the End Times

Mary Trepanier

What does it take to wake a sleeping demon?

A couple of college kids, a lot of angst, and a bit of karma.

Joanie pays her tuition bills with her body. She keeps work and life separate till she meets Clayton. At first glance, he’s a typical college john, but he’s magic in bed. Still, the last thing she needs is to fall for a client. It doesn’t help Joanie’s entranced by the lovely Cleo, an initiate of Inanna.

Clayton excels at engineering but yearns for love. When he meets Joanie, he can’t believe his luck. But he doesn’t understand the way she lives.

What none of them knows is that Clayton’s anguished loneliness has awakened Puabi-Ekur, a gender-bending demon with a past life linked to Joanie. An incubus-succubus, Puabi-Ekur takes matters into their own hands to push Clayton and Joanie together.

But balance must be maintained in the order of all things, and Puabi-Ekur is not the only supernatural force to come to the party. Powerful djinn and magics collide in this sexy urban fantasy set in Seattle.

Mary Trepanier writes fantasy, horror, erotica, and paranormal romance. You can find her short stories in the Blood in the Rain anthologies of vampire erotica, among others. The Queen of Heaven’s Daughter, first book of Tales of the End Times, is her first novel.

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