Literary Erotica for the Discerning Reader

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Vampire Erotica

Each volume of Blood in the Rain contains many short erotic vampire tales. They range in heat level from mildly erotic to extremely explicit. All genders and sexual orientations and kink levels are pretty well-represented.  

Succubus in Seattle

She’s a hooker, he’s a student, and together they capture the imagination of an age-old succubus who decides to help them fall in love.

If Mom's Happy...

Everyone’s happy, right? This collection of stories by and for moms remind us all that women know what they want and how to get it.

Hot New Vampire Short!

When Virginia returns home on her hundredth anniversary of becoming a vampire, she finds a hot, willing sub to bend to her will.

Tales of the End Times, Book 2

Lonely college student Gus desperately needs to find his people. To fit in somewhere. Anywhere.

Chemistry and lust ignite when Gus meets Max, the leader of a mysterious Odin-worshipping group that enjoys order and discipline in and outside the bedroom. Gus is drawn to their rituals and stories, their exclusivity–until violence threatens him and people he cares for.

Bite me, you say? Be careful what you wish for…

These searing vampire short stories go straight to your unspeakable dark desires. Biting, drinking blood, sucking souls—they do it all in this scorching new collection. Whether they are out for a meal or a good time, the vampires in these stories are sure to make you hot and bothered.

Savor each story one bite at a time, or devour the collection whole. These tales are sure to entice and ensnare you, whatever your kink or inclination!

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