If Mom’s Happy

Brandy Fox


Mothers might be exhausted, over-touched and under-appreciated, but they’re problem solvers who know how to get their “self-care” on.  In If Mom’s Happy: Stories of Erotic Mothers, we hear from women waiting for their child’s arrival; mothers of infants, toddlers and teenagers; straight, queer, partnered and single mothers. We hear from mothers who like it vanilla and others who want some kink. They lust after their longtime partners and near strangers, in public and in private, alone or with another… or a few others. No matter where, when, or how, these stories capture the complex and profound –and ultimately satisfying–task of attending to your own desires while tending to children.

This lovely tribute to hot moms is now available everywhere.  This collection features all human characters in modern settings. A detailed press release is available here.

Brandy Fox discovered the joys of reading and writing erotica when, as a mother of two young boys, a raging libido blew in and refused to let up until she paid attention to it, as well. Her erotica has appeared in Women in Lust, The Mammoth Book of Quick & Dirty Erotica, and Hungry For More. Her favorite stories address the myriad changes that come with motherhood, especially regarding sexuality, so it only made sense to gather a collection of them to share with the world. During daylight hours, Brandy is a sexuality educator, writing mentor, and youth advocate. She lives near Seattle with her kids and preternaturally good looking hunk of a spouse.

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